Coupland's closes Dunedin North store

Coupland's Bakery has shut up shop in Dunedin North. Photos: Gerard O'Brien
Coupland's Bakery has shut up shop in Dunedin North. Photos: Gerard O'Brien
Coupland's Bakeries has closed the doors of its North Dunedin store, citing poor performance.

When contacted this week, managing director Lance Coupland said the main reason for the closure was the lease for the building was up for review and he did not believe the site had ever met the company's expectations.

Given rising costs, there was no room in the company "to have an arm of the business dragging the chain", Mr Coupland said.

Nine staff had been employed at the store, five of whom had been deployed to other Coupland's stores.

Tenants in a neighbouring flat show their reaction to the closure.
Tenants in a neighbouring flat show their reaction to the closure.
The company's other two Dunedin stores, in Kaikorai Valley and Andersons Bay, were "going very well".

Both would go through a brand refresh and have some renovations done.

Overall, the company was on the "front foot" and going into reinvestment mode, making significant reinvestment in both manufacturing and retail.

Two new stores would open in Christchurch over the next 12 months, he said.


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Looking at the bigger picture does the closure of this store fall under Cull and the DCC's spell of placing a tight leash on Bars and bottle stores in the North part of Dunedin? The Students no longer have the munchies so they don't go out looking for good priced products, so Coupland's don't sell as much if so shame on the Councillors

Only you could somehow place the blame for this closure on the DCC. Incredible.

LOL not rocket science Dunners supply and demand, the bars in the area will be suffering as well, look at the lock out laws in Sydney they have done nothing except put Sydney on the back foot and they are going to remove them. Hate to crash your bubble Dunners, Wait for the shops near where Dunedin once had car parks that the DCC has removed and the shops near the bus station they will be suffering.

My bubble's not crushed. Consider that Couplands simply made a mistake in choosing this location.
They have two locations elsewhere in the city, both profitable by their own admission, and both not in residential areas. How come the DCC hasn't somehow driven them away from these locations?
The North Dunedin site has ample off-street customer carparking so that's not an issue.
They simply overestimated the amount of business they would get from students, and it proved to be the wrong business decision.
It is indeed a case of supply and demand, and absolutely nothing to do with the DCC.

Don't expect me to continue my custom with them, very poor form from couplands.

I'm in Chch and just love Couplands bread!

The problems for Dunedin businesses are only beginning. Couplands knew how to make the appropriate decision because the environment in the North End is not conducive any longer. The numbers of students has gone UP and all of them love bread, pies and all the other well priced sweet comestibles at Couplands. The changes in business conditions are down to the DCC. This Council does not promote good business conditions in the city apart from the mates of certain leaders in certain areas of commerce.
C'mon people, vote in some fresh thinking and business orientated rather than green aligned councillors!

Connecting the dots... Since "Otago and Southland's manufacturing sector has plunged into contraction with declines in new orders, employment levels, production levels and deliveries of raw materials...." we can see another reason why such businesses contract in the city. C'mon DCC! Please make conditions for businesses more conducive. Why would we vote for you to continue in the way you are going?

Well said Ray, you put it better than I did. Dunners suggest you wake up it isn't only me that can see this.

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