CD reviews: The Japanese House

Buckinghamshire 21-year-old Amber Bain apparently named her musical project The Japanese House after a Kate Winslet-owned country cottage she once

She now lives in London, where she has soaked up and regurgitated a range of electro-pop influences, offering no shortage of downbeat song-scapes.

Bain plays a bit of everything (guitar, synths, bass) as well as sings in a relaxed fashion on this EP, her third following Pools To Bathe In and Clean. There are
some lovely, chiming songs here, all quirky enough to demand attention and with lots of delicate syncopated textures.

In this house the beats drift softly rather than rattle the windows, yet there’s a restrained power, too.

• The Japanese House. Saw You In A Dream. Sony. 

• Four stars (out of five)

Single download: Somebody You Found
For those who like: The Weekend, Bon Iver

— Shane Gilchrist


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