As in life, Jackson intrigues

Michael Jackson fans have been eagerly anticipating Randall Sullivan's Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson.

It's the first deep-dive narrative by a veteran journalist covering the King of Pop's convoluted final years on earth. But then, too, the book's been getting a lot of bad press. Various Jackson family members have attacked the author's claims.

Janet Jackson disputes Sullivan's account of how, in 2009, she allegedly refused to allow her brother's remains to be interred until his estate repaid her $40,000 in burial costs. Last month, Janet Jackson's lawyer blasted excerpts in Vanity Fair magazine as "false and defamatory".

In Untouchable, Jackson's then 79-year-old mother Katherine Jackson is described calling her grandchildren's nanny after the performer's death to collect bundles of cash Michael is said to have stashed beneath his house's flooring - a claim her lawyer says is "ridiculous".


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