Music review: 'The Kiwi Music Scene: 1968'

Nineteen sixty-eight was a notable year in New Zealand in which the men's rowing eight won an Olympic gold medal, the All Blacks beat France three zip, and the Wahine disaster cast a long shadow over the country.

For local music, it was a golden year, now being celebrated in a two CD set. It was the era of C'Mon, which had leapt on to our screens the year before, providing a launching pad for local talent in a way we have never experienced before or since.

The two CDs contain a mammoth 58 Kiwi classics.

Looking at the titles on this compilation is a stark reminder that 1968 was a pivotal year in Kiwi pop music. Put this on at a dinner party for those of a certain age and you will definitely be flavour of the month.

The Kiwi Music Scene: 1968
Frenzy Music. ★★★★

- Tony Nielsen

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