Review: Nadia Reid - Out of my Province

Nadia Reid
Out of my Province


Nadia Reid’s third album brings a flood of descriptions to the table, some of them contradictory - tender, vulnerable, intimate, confident, delicate, haunting - hopped up with evocative lyrics.

Choosing to head offshore to Spacebomb’s studios turned out to be a masterstroke for Reid and the musicians who gathered around her.

Not many records start as strongly as this one. All of my Love is a launching pad to a series of strong performances, Reid’s lyrics delivered by vocals that demonstrate a new maturity, and clever use of strings and horns enhancing the production. 

Her shout-out to Joni Mitchell in Oh Canada is a poppy mood change, while Heart to Ride and Best Thing are more personal.

Port Chalmers to the world, Nadia Reid, this is the real thing. 


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