Move Your Butt this month to help beat bowel cancer

It's a grim statistic, but New Zealand has the leading rate of bowel cancer in the developed world. And the southern district has some of the highest rates in New Zealand.

Often called this country's "silent killer'', colorectal cancer can affect all ages, with around 3000 people diagnosed every year in New Zealand.

"Bowel cancer is a disease that can affect all New Zealanders,'' Medical Oncologist Dr Chris Jackson from Mercy Hospital says "It affects men and women equally". Given the statistics for what is New Zealand's second highest cause of cancer death, we're far behind many other countries in treating the disease.

June is Bowel Cancer New Zealand's Move Your Butt month, with many people challenging themselves to help raise funds to help more Kiwis beat bowel cancer.

You can get involved now:

1. Set your challenge.

2. Get sponsored.

3. Move your butts together.

4. Save your butt.

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