Kip McGrath Education Centres

Proven results! Changing students’ lives forever. With over 40 years’ experience, the Kip McGrath name is a trusted one.

Lisa and Stephen Bryant are a husband-and-wife team with differing strengths. They both tackle all aspects of tutoring. Stephen’s strengths and expertise lie in secondary maths. He can also tutor in physics and chemistry, and his passions are calculus, statistics and senior maths. Lisa has a passion for the students who face challenges with dyslexia and has strengths in phonics, English up to year 10, and younger learners.

They both provide a calm anxiety-free fun learning environment, where students have the time and support they need.

‘‘I have found Kip amazing and supportive, not just for extra learning, but they have gone the extra mile to help my daughter with her learning needs. Thank you, Lisa and Stephen.’’ — Nat and Steve

‘‘The improvement in Dakota's reading, writing and maths happened so quickly I was highly impressed, and she really enjoys going to Kip McGrath, so it makes a huge difference.’’ — Queenie

‘‘Kip McGrath Dunedin have worked with my three boys for over a year now. I have seen a dramatic improvement in their learning as well as their attitudes towards learning, where they now see themselves as capable learners. Best thing I ever invested in for my children's future. Thank you, Lisa and Steven, for your continued commitment, professional expertise, and genuine care in my children's academic growth.’’ — C. Liddington

‘‘She loves the targets and challenges that are set plus the teachers are amazingly supportive, with time for the one-on-one she doesn't get at school.’’ — Belinda

KIP McGRATH: 155 High St, Dunedin, phone (03) 474-5515.