Head-on collision changes life forever

Catherine Richardson and her husband were driving home when their lives changed forever. A driver fell asleep at the wheel and had a head-on collision with the couple, resulting in serious injuries and a four month stay in Dunedin hospital for Catherine.

During her stay, she had to make the incredibly difficult decision to have one of her legs amputated, but, like any true Southerner, she was determined to recover and continue on with her life.

Catherine’s story is part of a series of short videos Southern DHB has launched to showcase real patient experiences, sharing their journeys through the Southern health system.

Through their experiences, we can learn more about our patients and how we can improve our services, as well as acknowledge our amazing staff and the important roles they play in providing care and support across our health system.

Watch the series here: southerndhb.govt.nz/pages/patient-stories


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