Urban Grind's duck roti roll

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
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Our duck roti roll has many components to it, several of which are made in bulk by the kitchen team, but head chef Matz Asberg has given some insight into how to create your own duck roti at home.

If duck is not available this also works well with roasted chicken or sliced cooked pork belly.

1 whole duck
2 Tbsp of sea salt
1 Tbsp of Chinese five spice

finely sliced white and red cabbage
finely sliced iceberg lettuce
roast shallots
small handful roast peanuts
pickled carrots

Make about 1 cup
2 cloves garlic
2cm knob fresh ginger
heaped tsp Chinese five spice
1 tsp ground coriander
1 Tbsp soy sauce
3 tsp Chinese cooking wine (can be substituted with sherry)
110ml lemon juice
60ml fish sauce

Chilli mayo
sriracha sauce
mayo (either homemade or store-bought)

To serve
roti (either homemade or store-bought)
spring onions
toasted sesame seeds

Mix sea salt and Chinese five spice in a bowl and rub over the duck, inside and out. Leave in the fridge overnight.

Next day, steam the whole duck over boiling water for 1½-2 hours. Be sure to keep topping up the water. The duck is ready when really soft and tender.

Let the duck cool for 10 minutes, cut in half lengthways, remove the bones but keep the duck meat intact.

When ready to serve, toss slices of the duck meat in a hot pan with a small amount of oil to heat it through and crisp it slightly.

Combine equal volumes of the finely sliced cabbage and iceberg lettuce, then add cucumber, roast shallots and roast peanuts (small handful per serve).

Pickled carrots also add crunch along with a sweet and sour flavour to this slaw. Mix ingredients to combine with dressing.

Grind garlic, fresh ginger, Chinese five spice and ground coriander together using a mortar and pestle. Add the soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine to transform into a paste. 

Put the paste into a jar along with lemon juice and fish sauce and shake to combine.

This will keep in the fridge in an airtight jar.

Chilli Mayo
Combine sriracha sauce with homemade or store-bought mayo.

Use and adjust quantities to suit your taste, making enough to use as a drizzle over the salad.

To serve
Top the slaw with the warmed duck, coriander, spring onions, chilli mayo and toasted sesame seeds.

This makes a delicious salad on its own or serve on top of a roti. You can make these at home (it is time-consuming) or you can find them in the freezer section at any Asian supermarket.

Recipe provided by Urban Grind, Wanaka. Recipe requested by Sue McDowell, Dunedin.

If you have enjoyed a dish at an Otago cafe or restaurant and would like the recipe, write to Ask a Chef, Features, Otago Daily Times, PO Box 517, Dunedin, or email odt.features@odt.co.nz, including your name, address and a daytime telephone number, and we will request it.

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