Remembering recipes a professional challenge

Photo by Linda Robertson.
Photo by Linda Robertson.
David Butler
Cafe Rue, Dunedin

Why and how did you become a chef?
I enjoyed watching and helping my mum bake as a child which inspired me to cook in later years.

Biggest professional challenge?
Memory. Keeping a large recipe book stored in your head.

Favourite ingredient?
Onions - multipurpose, base of many recipes, absorbs flavours.

Best cooking tip?
Preparation - always being prepared for all situations.

What type of food do you like to eat?
Italian, followed closely by French cuisine.

Who cooks at home?

Favourite meal?
Spaghetti Bolognase - the first meal I learnt to cook.

Favourite kitchen gadget?
Mandoline, as it has a variety of purposes.

How have people's tastes changed/latest food trends?
People seem to be more adventurous with trying new flavours - duck seems to have become very popular.

Battle of TV cooks, Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver?
I have basically worked for a Gordon Ramsay personality for seven years but I enjoy watching Jamie as his ideas are fresh and innovative.

Gluten-free Friands
3 cups icing sugar
2 cups ground almonds
1 cups potato flour (doesn't taint the flavour)
300g melted butter
12 egg whites
Fruit or chocolate for garnish

Combine dry ingredients

Whisk egg whites until peaks form.

In small amounts add melted butter and then dry ingredients alternately, folding well each time using a metal spoon.

Pour mix into muffin trays.

Bake 7min at 180degC.

Remove and place sliced fruit or berries or chocolate on top.

Return to oven for 5-7min until cooked.

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