5 Questions With: Neville Jemmett

Photo: Christine O'Connor
Photo: Christine O'Connor
Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust spokesman Neville Jemmett (right) aboard Mornington 111 cable car, which is now on display at the trust's Mornington shed. 

What was the best birthday present you ever received, and why?

Playing cricket with a pick axe handle and trying to break the classroom's windows from the cricket pitch in front of the school. I was quite successful.

What is your message?

If you come across an idea for a new attraction that you believe will be an asset to the city you live in you must follow it through to a successful conclusion. My first idea is now a top tourist attraction and my second and current one can become the same.

If you were going to an island and could take only three things, what would they be and why?

A form of shelter to keep dry, some means of catching food and a sense of adventure to keep you sane.

What's something only your family knows about you?

I am naturally left handed but I was made to write with my right hand at primary school. Today, I use only my left hand, but can only print in capitals and cannot write anything at all right handed.

You are a new addition to the crayon box. What colour are you, and why?

Bright yellow.  It is my favourite colour and it brings back memories such as my school sports team colour and my first milkshake (banana). It also stands out among other things, which was something I never did as a child.

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