Happy places

Top tips for a relaxing summer break from some Otago identities.

Photo: Gregor Richardsoon
Photo: Gregor Richardsoon

Dunedin heritage building redeveloper and jeweller

Be in the moment. Try to stay away from your phone and the internet.

Spend quality time with family and friends.

Keep your holiday simple and do what makes you happy. Try to stay positive.

Write down things that are on your mind so you do not think about them when you are on holiday.

Enjoy the outside. Go for a walk on the beach, or a swim.

Take on a challenge. Get out of your comfort zone.

Enjoy the treats, but not overdoing them.


Photo: ODT
Photo: ODT

Owner of Fleur's Place restaurant, Moeraki

I would suggest people take a few days off to get away to a remote part of the country, without any cellphones, and be part of nature.

I've just spent four days in Dusky Sound. We caught crayfish and paua and kina, and we had mutton birds. We did a dinner each night from what we found and foraged.

The flora and the fauna. The bush, the history. It was like you were in a painting ... that went on forever.

Gosh, it was good. It was the most soul-restoring thing you could ever do.


Photo: Christine O'Connor
Photo: Christine O'Connor

Dunedin mayor

Turn off your work cellphone, PCs and alarm clock.

Try to spend at least one night in a totally natural environment.

Read for enjoyment; not for information.

Cook (preferably barbecue) for pleasure and taste.

Give and receive modest Christmas presents.

Look for things to laugh out loud about, especially yourself.

Ride a bike with no destination in mind.

Take a long walk with family and/or friends.

Make space for quiet times.


Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media

A nice cup of tea in bed, hand-delivered by my boys. Follow that up with a long walk on any of our wonderful Dunedin beaches and any day's off to a great start.

Being really indulgent, listen to your favourite music played very loud. My choice; Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album followed by Kiwi musician Aldous Harding's track Party; with no interruptions.

That done, perhaps the chance to do those odd jobs around the house that never get sorted.

Round the holidays off by climbing a mountain (not one that requires ropes or crampons) then, later on, a chilled glass of sav blanc.


Photo: supplied
Photo: supplied

Otago poet, comedian and actor

Find a very comfortable chair and make it your own, a "no go'' area for stresses and distractions.

Read poetry, letting the words embrace and sooth you.

Bury your mobile phone under a rose bush, ensuring it is in a tight container so you don't stress about water damage.

Smell those same roses but don't listen to their roots ringing. Have days with plans you look forward to and alternate them with free and easy days.

Visit a place that holds good memories for you, sharing the place with someone you love.

Avoid social media, instead be a social human.

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