The ODT playlist: Wyatt Ryder

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
Musically inclined Otago Daily Times reporters have selected songs you might like to listen to on any number of occasions. Today, Wyatt Ryder.

On a road trip

Wild Nothing

When I was 16, I melodramatically told friends this is the song I wanted "to die to".

Best listening on a long drive while the sun is setting.

Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales
Car Seat Headrest

I give myself asthma flare-ups while singing along to the "ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, aheyyyyyyaahhh" part of this song on the way to work.

Stay Blessed
Genesis Owusu

This song makes me feel like I could punch God. Impeccable high energy car tune.

West Coast

Just a banging punk tune to practise some awful, just dreadful vocal harmonising with the boys.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

The perfect combination of melancholy and high energy to reinvigorate you when the energy is down.

Tidying up the house

A Place of My Own
John Mark Nelson

Nice and calming pop-folk music. A staple of my cooking or cleaning listening.

Rock’n Roll, Morning Light Falls on You 
Asian Kung Fu Generation

I have no idea what this song is about — it’s in Japanese — but it’s one of my favourites and just hits right. I still try to sing along despite the linguistic challenges.

Katie Queen of Tennessee
The Apache Relay

I treat this song like a fun wedding dance song, except I’m single and the chapel is my dirty kitchen.

Minuano (Six Eight)
Pat Metheny Group

A song designed for the whistlers among us. It’s like jazzy elevator music for your soul.

Young Fathers

This is the part of the playlist where I become one with my little tidying-up dance routine. I become a bopping machine. Nobody can stop me.

While you are exercising

Candy Gun
Melt Banana

I love starting a workout with this song because it builds steadily until my home gym (garage) is full of the kind of noisy music my mum hates.

Down in the Basement
Viagra Boys

The bassline of this banger just manipulates me into wanting to run as fast as I can and lift heavy objects. It’s also a cautionary tale about hiding a depraved sex life, which is pretty fun.


This is a great song for exercise where you need some rhythm. I’m not lifting weights to this, but I would absolute run or row to it.

Sun Ra

Play this when the workout hurts and you want to feel like a cool badass with big strong muscles and a mysterious backstory.

Porcelain Hands

When I need the final energy hit. The climax feels like being forgiven for your sins. Play it very loud.