Class Act 2023: Otago Boys’ High School

Zac Cumming


Zac Cumming has some big shoes to fill.

Being the son of a former Black Cap, Craig Cumming, would certainly come with some pressure, but the 17-year-old Otago Boys’ High School pupil has proven he has what it takes to wear that mantle.

Cumming had merely followed in his father’s footsteps until he "fully understood how cool what he did was" and realised he could also make a living out of playing cricket.

"It’s been in our family for a while, so I picked it up off him and have been playing it since I’ve been little.

"It looked pretty cool and sounded pretty cool, so I’m going to try and jump on it as well."

Zac recently returned from Darwin, Australia, representing New Zealand at the under-19 World Cup qualifiers.

Having returned home with his victorious team, he hopes to be selected again for the actual World Cup, in Sri Lanka.

Zac was the only Otago player selected for this team which, as a New Zealand cricket representative, gives him the right to become a paid professional.

He was first selected for the Otago under-19 cricket team when he was 16-years-old.

He also achieved the performance of the year for the University Grange Cricket Club, with 114 runs off 55 balls.

Zac says he enjoys cricket because it has allowed him to meet a lot of people he didn’t think he would ever interact with.

"Cricket has lead me to a lot of places, helped me to meet new people and reach new heights.

Zac’s dream is to travel the world playing cricket. Next year, he plans to play cricket in England.

"It’s my path. I’ve been able to see things through cricket.

"People see the world through their passions."


Achievements: New Zealand U19 cricket team (2023); Otago A cricket (2023); Otago U19 cricket team (2021-23; Otago U19 bowler of the year (2023); University Grange Cricket Club, most promising U21 cricketer (2021-22);University Grange Cricket Club, performance of the year (2022-23); Gillette Cup tournament, top wicket-taker of the tournament (2022); Gillette Cup tournament, second top run-scorer of the tournament (2022); Gillette Cup tournament,132 not out against Mt Albert Grammar 1st XI (2022); 1st XI cricket captain (2023); 1st XI cricket (2020-23); Gillette Cup MVP (2022); cricketer of the year (2022); bowler of the year (2021); 1st XI hockey captain (2022); 1st XI 
hockey (2020-23); 1st XI hockey player of the year (2022); hockey blues (2020-22); cricket blues (2020-23); junior sporting dux (2020).

Role model: Zac’s father, Craig Cumming

Hopes for the future: Travel the world playing cricket, go to England to play cricket.


Edward Finney Waters


Setting his sights too short has never been a problem for Edward Finney Waters.

The 17-year-old Otago Boys High School pupil wants to move to Europe to become an opera singer.

"If I could be the most famous one in the world, that would be an added bonus."

He plans to study classical performance at the University of Otago, before studying in Australia as a stepping stone, which he hopes will prepare him for the move to Europe.

Edward has always enjoyed the limelight, something that began with joking around with friends or in front of parents.

"I’ve always enjoyed the performance aspect of life ... standing up in front of people.

He says singing is much more personal than playing an instrument because it’s always original; no-one has the same voice as you.

While he has been singing since he was 8, it was not until year 9 that he realised he was rather good at it.

He gained confidence in his singing after winning numerous regional competitions.

When he was 13, he started singing in the St Paul’s Cathedral Choir; the same choir in which his parents sing. Now he is the choir leader of the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir after being the bass section leader in 2021 and 2022.

Getting good grades is always nice, having achieved excellence endorsements at NCEA Level 1 and 2.

But Edward finds singing far more interesting and more of a passion than any of his schoolwork. The discipline and practice of music goes hand-in-hand with schoolwork, exams being somewhat of a performance in themselves.


Achievements: Arts prefect (2023); choir leader and bass section leader of NZSSC (2021-2023); lead roles in OBHS OGHS school productions (2019-2023); New Zealand Secondary Students choir, choir leader (2023-2024); New Zealand Secondary Students Choir, 
bass section leader (2021-2022); NCEA Level 1, 2 excellence endorsement (2021, 2022); academic blues (2021, 2022); music blues (2021, 2022); choir blues (2021, 2022); production blues (2021, 2022); junior dux of the arts (2020); Trinity College London grade 7 and 
8 singing examinations, distinction (2021, 2022); St Paul’s Cathedral Dunedin; choral scholar (2021, 2022); Madden Trophy for senior singing (2022); Keith Tannock and Donald Ellis Cup for drama (2022); Garrick Cup for drama (2021); Green Island Junior Vocal Competitions scholarship recipient, most promising singer (2021, 2022, 2023); Dunedin Junior Vocal Competition, scholarship recipient (2021); 1st in school, Level 3 music (2022), Level 2 drama (2021.)

Role model: The Madden Family and Edward’s father

Hopes for the future: To study classical performance at the University of Otago, move to Europe and become an opera singer.