Class Act 2023: Excellence at the University of Otago

Helen Nicholson
Helen Nicholson
Young people from around the country choose Otago for good reasons, writes Prof Helen Nicholson, acting vice-chancellor of the University of Otago.

They know that our university offers degrees and postgraduate qualifications of the highest standard.

Otago’s long and continuing tradition for excellence in education speaks for itself and is regarded as the gateway to a long and successful career.

At Otago, we celebrate excellence and leadership and we continue to offer the best possible all-round education for the leaders of tomorrow.

Excellent, inspiring teachers are central to ensuring that we remain at the forefront of New Zealand universities in teaching.

We see sustained excellence in the outstanding achievements of the university’s world-class teachers.

At Otago, our goal is to encourage our students to become successful, socially minded people who will go on to contribute to their communities and society, both here and overseas.

These are exactly the kind of young students who are receiving Class Act awards this year. Should the recipients choose to come to the University of Otago, we are delighted to offer them a guaranteed $6000 Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, as a minimum.

Let me be among the first to congratulate the 2023 Class Act recipients and the excellent and exciting future they represent.