Car thief rams police and flees on motorway

The driver of a stolen car rammed a police vehicle and then fled by driving the wrong way on the motorway early this morning, police say.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said police were called to a Calton Hill address about 12.40am to reports of a group of people fighting in Panmure Ave.

On their way to the fight, officers spotted a stolen vehicle driving towards them in Riselaw Rd.

The officers attempted to stop the vehicle as it turned on to Panmure Ave.

Snr Sgt Bond said police were waiting at the other end of the street.

However, the stolen vehicle then deliberately rammed into that patrol vehicle.

The vehicle then fled driving northbound on the southbound lane on State Highway 1, he said.

Police did not pursue the vehicle due to the nature of its driving and eventually lost sight of the vehicle. The stolen vehicle was abandoned in Lomond St, Caversham.  

Both the police car and the stolen car suffered minor damage, he said.

Police were following positive lines of enquires regarding the incident, but the investigation was ongoing, he said.

■ Police 105, file Number: 230922/1615