Couple's pre-baby break not to be

It was supposed to be a pre-baby break relaxing and walking the dog at Lake Hawea. But Timaru couple Nicola and Brent Prue's plans abruptly changed when Mrs Prue went into labour with son Angus, who was born last Tuesday, at 33 weeks' gestation.

They reflected on the experience yesterday at Dunedin Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit on World Prematurity Day.

Mrs Prue joked that perhaps the holiday was a little ''too relaxed'' and their first-born decided the ''beautiful calm spot'' could be the ideal place to make an appearance.

After being given medication to slow her labour, Mrs Prue was flown to Dunedin Hospital and gave birth two days later.

The couple hope to return to Timaru next week, where it was likely Angus would be admitted to hospital. Mrs Prue said she was relieved Angus was not born any earlier.

He was healthy, and able to breathe on his own.

An incubator regulates his temperature and feeds him.


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