Police dog bites youth after cars allegedly stolen

A group of youths allegedly stole two cars and crashed both in Dunedin on Saturday.

Sergeant Matt Lee, of Dunedin, said the dog squad was deployed after a group of four youths crashed two allegedly stolen vehicles and fled the scenes about 4.50am.

The group stole their first vehicle which they crashed into a bus stop in George St, abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene.

The front bumper came off the vehicle and the bus stop was completely smashed, Sgt Lee said.

While police were making inquiries into the first crash, the group stole a second vehicle and crashed it into wooden poles on the side of Corrie St and Queens Dr.

The youths took off again on foot and the dog squad was deployed to find them.  

A police dog tracked their location and bit one of them.

A Hato Hone St John spokeswoman said one ambulance responded to the scene at 4.58am.

The youth who was bitten was transported to Dunedin Hospital in a moderate condition and had since received treatment.

The youths were all taken into custody.