Possibly unconscious woman bundled into car in St Kilda - report

Dunedin police are calling for the public's help after a series of violent incidents including one where a possibly unconscious woman was bundled into a Nissan Skyline.

Dunedin police are urging members of the public who report suspicious activity to note down car registrations if possible.

Acting Inspector Craig Dinnissen, of Dunedin, said a serious assault in a car was reported in Elgin Rd, Mornington yesterday afternoon.

"A male Maori passenger in a vehicle was seen hitting the female in the driver's seat of the car.''

The red maroon hatchback was stationary but the witness did not record its registration, and the offender is yet to be located, Insp Dinnissen said.

Across town in St Kilda, another witness saw an older model grey Nissan Skyline being driven erratically along Richardson St.

The driver then stopped the vehicle, lifted a possibly unconscious woman off the ground and bundled her into his vehicle before driving off down Ajax St.

"It's another one where it's been reported but we haven't got a registration,'' Insp Dinnissen said.

''Ideally if people are going to report things we really need at least the registration.''

Meanwhile, a team of detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch has been handed the case of a young girl grabbed from behind in a secluded pathway near George St in North Dunedin yesterday afternoon.

The primary school aged girl managed to push the man off before running back to Sacred Heart School in Northeast Valley about 4pm.

Her assailant remains at large.

Dunedin police (03) 471-4800, Crimestoppers 0800-555-111. 

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