Served half jail term, now on parole

A man who organised a robbery in which the victim was shot through the thigh has been released on parole with more than two years of his jail term remaining.

Corey Elliman (27) was sentenced to four years 10 months' imprisonment as a party to the crime.

He was not there when the incident took place on July 2, 2015 but told the unidentified assailants he had previously flatted with the man and that he had money.

Elliman felt aggrieved because he had been evicted from the Maitland St residence over a disagreement about household expenses, the court heard at sentencing.

''Feel free to rip him off,'' Elliman told them.

And they did.

The two robbers - who were organised by another offender, Angelo Tamati, and had been provided with a key to the property - approached the victim's house, one wearing a balaclava and carrying a .22 calibre rifle, the other wearing a beanie and a scarf over his face and carrying a knife.

They rushed the victim, who was alone in the lounge, lying on the couch, watching television.

The man with the knife punched him in the body and head while the other man pointed the rifle at him, repeatedly swearing and demanding money and drugs.

The assault continued in the kitchen and a knife was pressed to the victim's neck.

The man with the rifle pressed the muzzle to the victim's forehead before shooting him through the back of the left upper thigh.

The victim dragged himself back to the lounge and lay on the couch with his pet dog while the two assailants ransacked the house.

They got away with only $70 cash and two cellphones.

Elliman appeared before the Parole Board in December after completing courses addressing drug addiction, gambling and parenting.

Panel convener Martha Coleman noted the prisoner's strong support network and successful spells on ''release to work''.

''Mr Elliman spoke really well to the board today.

''It is clear that he has thought a great deal about his lifestyle prior to coming to prison.

''He has also thought a great deal about the impact that this offending has had on his victims,'' she said.

Elliman's sentence ends in March 2021.

His conditions of parole include:

  • Not to possess alcohol or drugs.
  • To attend any programmes as directed by Probation.
  • To live at an address approved by Probation.
  • For the first two months of release to abide by a 10pm-5am curfew.
  • Not to live where any guns are kept.
  • Not to contact any victim.
  • Not to contact co-offenders.

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