Defibrillator installed by firm for 24/7 public use

First Aid Solutions Otago-MediTrain Otago director Julie Walker has had a defibrillator laced on...
First Aid Solutions Otago-MediTrain Otago director Julie Walker has had a defibrillator laced on an outside wall of her premises so it is available to people 24/7. PHOTO: BRENDA HARWOOD

A Green Island firm has taken steps to keep residents safe by making a defibrillator available to the community 24/7.

Last week, First Aid Solutions-MediTrain Otago director Julie Walker had a defibrillator placed in an alarmed cabinet on the outside of the company's building at 213 Main South Rd, Green Island.

"We have supplied a lot of defibrillators to businesses and organisations around Dunedin, and there is a lot more awareness now among people,'' Ms Walker said.

As "first responders'' the firm's staff were ready to help when needed, but they were not on-site after business hours when a defibrillator may be needed.

"If someone is having a heart attack or an issue that requires CPR, a defibrillator will increase their chances of survival by about 40%,'' Ms Walker said.

"So it really does pay to have it available as much as possible - it's no good to anyone if it's behind a locked door.

"And it could literally save someone's life.''

The alarmed cabinet which holds the defibrillator was installed by Scott Flawn free of charge.

First Aid Solutions-MediTrain Otago has been operating in Green Island for the past 12 years, and has been located opposite Fresh Choice supermarket for the past five years.

The locally owned firm supplies first aid supplies and equipment, and fire extinguishers, and provides comprehensive workplace first aid training from Oamaru south.

The defibrillator at the company's offices, at 312 Main South Rd, is listed on the AD Locations NZ app and the Good Sam app for first responders.

The Brighton Surf Club also has a defibrillator available for use 24/7.



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