Development debate

Dave Cull
Dave Cull
The Dunedin City Council will sit on November 22 to consider what Mayor Dave Cull said was a complex issue - a charge on developers opponents say could kill development in Dunedin.

The council yesterday ended a three-day hearing on the issue that raised a host of legal and philosophical questions, and highlighted many areas where more work needed to be done.

Development contributions are fees levelled on property developers to pay for infrastructure required by subdivisions, such as water and wastewater, roads and reserves.

Under proposed changes, developments placing additional demand on infrastructure could attract extra charges.

The hearings were postponed earlier this year following an outcry from the development community after a draft policy was introduced, then further delayed because of snow storms in August.

Mr Cull said he hoped an agenda for discussion could be put together before the November 22 meeting that would "crystallise both the issues, and the order we consider them".

"It is not a simple issue," he said.

Planning and environment committee chairwoman Kate Wilson said yesterday's hearing had been adjourned, rather than closed, and could be reinstated if more information was required.

Deliberations would only start once the meeting was officially closed.

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