Diverse student body showcases cuisine of many cultures

University of Otago students Daisy Abraham (20, left) and Nina Cosgriff (20) enjoy potato curry from the Sri Lanka stall at Orientation Week’s International Food Festival on Saturday.

Despite the rain, both students and non-students of Dunedin flocked to the Otago Museum Reserve to try food from 18 stalls.

Each stall served food from a different culture and three different menus. The Otago University Students’ Association (OUSA) was behind the event.

OUSA international students representative Arina Aizal said the day was made special by its authenticity.

"The students who prepare the dishes actually come from the respective background [of each stall]."

She said the festival, each year, brought the Dunedin community together. There was also a big environmental focus and all packaging used in the food preparation and service was 100% compostable. 

 - Molly Houseman

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