Dog seized after complaints

Photo by Craig Baxter.
Photo by Craig Baxter.
A dog is taken from St Kilda by animal control staff yesterday after it was reported as harassing a cyclist and ripping a pedestrian's jeans.

Southern District Command Centre deployment co-ordinator Senior Sergeant Dave Scott said police were called to two dog attacks in Plunket St about 2.30pm.

Animal control team leader Ros MacGill said the Dunedin City Council impounded a Staffordshire bull terrier-cross dog yesterday.

The council was called about two incidents in the street. The terrier ''raced'' towards a male cyclist and the terrier and a boxer ''bailed up'' another man, whom the terrier tried to bite.

''It didn't touch any skin, as far as I know, but jeans were ripped.''

Animal control staff deemed the terrier to be aggressive and impounded the dog, which was the subject of previous complaints to the council, she said.

The council was trying to contact the terrier's owner and would ask them to ''sign the dog over''.

''If they don't, then we will classify the dog as dangerous and issue an infringement fine.''

The dog would need to be signed over before any decision to euthanise the dog could be made, she said.

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