Explosives destroyed in North Dunedin

Video: Jamahl Edwards

Police and the army have destroyed explosives left at a deceased person's property by blowing them up at a quarry near Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium.

A police spokeswoman said Powergel and a detonator cord were found at the property, and were destroyed by the bomb disposal squad at Blackhead Quarries' Logan Point quarry on Ravensbourne Rd about noon today.

The explosives were "all legal and above board" and finding explosives lying around in old sheds was not uncommon, she said.

Powergel was an explosive often used in mining.

The blast could be heard in Opoho and the explosion prompted calls to the emergency services and speculation on social media.

Jamahl Edwards, who filmed it, said it was "very impressive".

"When the sound came it was a wall of pressure hitting you, like on the movies."


What a drama, the usual solution to dispose old weeping or unwanted civil explosives is to biff some waste fuel etc upon it then just burn it, yes as a method it's perfectly safe.
But for the child in every man a good bang is much more fun !