Generosity amazes robbed tourists

Jenny and Chris Burrows.
Jenny and Chris Burrows.
The generosity of New Zealanders is amazing, say an English couple whose possessions were stolen while sightseeing.

Jenny and Chris Burrows, of Leyland, in Lancashire, approached the Otago Daily Times after possessions worth about $5000 were stolen from their camper van, while the couple admired the Organ Pipes on Mt Cargill on Tuesday.

Since the article was published in the ODT yesterday, they had been approached by people and groups with offers of help, the couple said yesterday.

''We can't believe how generous and kind and helpful everyone has been,'' Mrs Burrows said.

Although they appreciated the offers, they had declined any financial assistance as the couple were ''fine'', she said.

The couple left Dunedin yesterday morning to travel towards Invercargill and had ''got most of the stuff we need'' before they left, she said.

They had bought medication for Mr Burrows' leukaemia and even bought a new Kindle, she said.

''I have got to learn how to programme it without my son,'' she said, with a laugh.

The experience had ''restored our faith in mankind, apart from one person'', she said.


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