Five-day junior doctors' strike kicks off

About 30 striking junior doctors and supporters protested outside Health Minister David Clark's office at midday.

The junior doctors today began a national five-day strike they hope will settle their row with district health boards.

Members of the New Zealand Resident Doctors' Association walked off the job at 8am at all public hospitals except in Canterbury, which was excluded because of the recent terror attacks.

It is the fifth strike over a failure by both sides to agree on proposed changes to the doctors' employment contract.

The main sticking point is that district health boards want hospital chief executives to have the final say over working arrangements, including rosters, rather than the union head office.

The Resident Doctors' Association said the boards were trying to roll back safer roster provisions they agreed to two years ago.

Mr Clark's office was unattended


New Zealand Resident Doctors' Association should never go back till Clark comes out from hiding under his bed and rights all the wrongs these young guys need to make it safe for all of us . You go guys show the SDHB who is boss dont let it be them

I'm with Bob. These are our Public health professionals.

Tonky patients who don't like unions can lump it, into a private hospital.