Watch video: Contractors tour through factory before demolition

As work continues to get ready for demolition of the former Cadbury Factory in Dunedin, potential demolition contract tenderers are being shown through the old factory.

A video of the inside of the factory has been posted on the New Dunedin Hospital website.

Tours allow contractors to get up close and personal with a series of structures that pose significant challenges from a demolition standpoint, the site says.

Detailed planning  will be required for such a large and complex demolition project, and the contractor will need time to prepare for demolition.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health continues to work through the required consent process, including demolition consents, as well as site acquisition negotiations for the remaining parcels of land required.

Demolition works are due to get underway early next year, subject to obtaining the necessary consents.

The video features senior project manager Blair Collie, from RCP, who is organising contractor visits to the factory.

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