Heavy rain warning for North Otago, Dunedin on watch

Heavy rain warnings are in place for parts of Otago as a southerly front makes its way across the lower South Island.

The MetService has issued a heavy rain warning for North Otago from 9pm tonight until 9am tomorrow and Dunedin has been placed on a heavy rain watch.

North Otago is expected to receive between 40mm and 60mm of rain in 12 hours from 9pm tonight, which is nearly five times more than Oamaru has received throughout July up to midnight last night.

The Otago Regional Council is closely monitoring river levels and says flows in the Kakanui River are likely to cause minor flooding to low-lying land.

Rivers were also expected to rise in Dunedin but floods were not likely, it said. 

"Rivers could rise rapidly during the night, and as in any heavy rainfall it’s always best to remain aware of other potential hazards, such as surface flooding or slips,” said the council's Duty Flood Manager, Lauren Hunter. 

About 10mm of rain fell in Dunedin and Oamaru overnight and the wet weather is expected to continue for most of the day. 

Metservice are warning such rain could lead to slips and surface flooding and are advising people that driving conditions may become hazardous. 

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