Hot days on way for South

A wind-driven weather phenomenon is expected to bring warmer temperatures to Otago at the end of this week.

After a ``mixed'' start to the week, with temperatures in the teens across Otago, northwesterly winds and a high-pressure system are expected to bring temperatures of above 25degC in Central Otago and above 20degC in Dunedin.

The hottest temperatures are expected on Thursday when Alexandra is expected to reach 27degC, Wanaka 25degC and Queenstown 24degC.

Dunedin is expected to reach 21degC on Thursday and 22degC on Friday.

MetService meteorologist April Clark said the northwesterly wind coming from over the mountains created a phenomenon called foehn winds.

In this phenomenon a moist wind dumped its moisture on the mountains and dried and warmed the air as it headed towards the coast.

Ms Clark said the phenomenon meant Otago and in particular Central Otago was expected to be the warmest area in New Zealand on Thursday and Friday.

If the northwesterly wind was strong enough there was a chance Dunedin could also reach similar temperatures to those expected in Central Otago.

Gusty northwesterly winds were expected on Thursday and Friday.

Before that it was a ``mixed bag'' in the South, with winds from the south bringing some showers and temperatures in the teens today and tomorrow.


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