Maintenance for domain

Plans for some maintenance work on the Brighton Domain over the next few weeks have been welcomed by the Saddle Hill Community Board.

The board has been pushing for upgrades and maintenance at the domain for years, after concerns about its appearance, drainage and erosion in the area.

After talks with the Dunedin City Council's parks and reserve team for more than six years, the board, in conjunction with the community and domain users, had come up with a management and development plan for the domain.

Board chairman Scott Weatherall said he met parks officer Richard McAlevey at the domain recently and a list of jobs to tidy up the area had been worked out.

Work would begin this week.

It was great the council had finally acknowledged some of the work could be paid for from its maintenance budget, rather than be treated as new capital expenditure, he said.

''It is the most committed I've seen the council for a long, long time.''

Once the work had been done, he looked forward to a report from the council on the drainage situation.



Work time frame


Work to be done on Brighton Domain over the next few weeks:

• Install bollard posts either side of the ''danger cliff edge'' sign at the northern end of domain to delineate the undercut, and deter people from climbing it.

• Repair post and chain fence on east side of field.

• Add drain at end of car park to direct water away from field.

• Repair potholes at both ends of car park.

• Reshape road to direct water away from ponding areas. Add gravel to potholes.

• Investigate broken field tiles.

• Trim vegetation to keep beach access clear at northern end. Add gravel to steps.

• Trim vegetation back to fence on road edge on east side of field.

• Add two temporary wheelie bins to picnic table area at northern end.


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