Making way for parking

Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Photo by Peter McIntosh.
The car park at the rear of the former Dunedin chief post office building in central Dunedin has been cleared in anticipation of the start of construction of a multilevel parking building on the site.

The post office building is being redeveloped for a mix of hotel and other commercial uses.

Stephen Cairns, southern strategic development manager with Arrow International, said resource consent had been granted by the Dunedin City Council to build a four-level car park on the Bond St site behind the post office.

Post office tenants would lease some of the parking spaces and some would be kept for hotel patrons. There would also be public parking spaces in the building. Three floors would initially be constructed, with the option for a fourth covered by the consent.

Mr Cairns said construction would begin as soon as a building consent was issued, and was expected to take about three months. The parking building would not be connected to the post office building by an air bridge as was planned by a previous developer.

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