Meeting on recycling plan

Lox Kellas
Lox Kellas
A community meeting is to be called to resolve issues around the siting of a proposed recycling centre at Pukehiki.

As reported in The Star, progress on setting up a recycling drop-off point for the Otago Peninsula community stalled because residents and the Dunedin City Council disagreed over location.

Pukehiki residents rejected the council's favoured site at Camp Rd near the Pukehiki Church because they were worried it would interfere with parking at events.

Alternative sites proposed by residents were deemed unsuitable because of exposure to wind or disagreement from landowners.

Otago Peninsula Community Board member Lox Kellas criticised residents opposed to having the recycling centre at Camp Rd as having a ''selfish attitude''.

The only clear option was to have it at Camp Rd or for residents to pay extra in rates for collection, he said.

Board member Christine Neill said the Hoopers Inlet community had a recycling drop-off site near its hall and this had not made any difference.

''It did away with one, maybe two, parks but there is still parking there,'' she said.

Board deputy chairman Paul Pope did not think the issue was completely unresolvable and suggested it could be solved with further consultation.

Pukehiki Hall Society president John Ware said residents had expressed an overwhelming opposition to siting the recycling centre site near the church at the recent community open day.

''It's a typical nimby situation. Everyone wants it but they don't want it in their back yard,'' he said.

Residents would not be concerned where on Highcliff Rd the centre would be located as they all drove to town anyway, he said.

Mr Ware agreed a community meeting would be ''eminently sensible''.

The board resolved to organise a public meeting to resolve the recycling problem.

The meeting is to be held some time after July 19.


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