Meow, kitty, meow so pretty

Cat show judge Nick Tricarico admires the qualities of Conrad the Devon Rex cat, at the Easter...
Cat show judge Nick Tricarico admires the qualities of Conrad the Devon Rex cat, at the Easter Cat Show at the Green Island Civic Hall on Saturday. Photo by Jane Dawber.
It would be easy, and just a trifle condescending, to arrive at a cat show and churn out another story suggesting cats and their owners look alike.

At the Otago Siamese and Shorthair Pedigree Cat Club and Southern Cross Longhair Cat Club show on Saturday, the humans looked like humans.

The cats looked fabulous.

They looked cool, bored, slightly annoyed, judgemental, tired, aloof and relaxed.

They looked down their noses.

Some pushed their heads under the cushions in their cages, left their bottoms out, and went straight to sleep.

In other cages, only a nose could be seen.

The humans, who show secretary Zena Pigden said had spent the previous day bathing and brushing their cats as they "tidied up and prettied" them, looked adoring and just a little reverent as they laid their fluffy idols in front of the judges.

Ms Pigden said there were about 50 exhibitors, though cats have little interest in such numbers.

She said the exhibitors came from as far as Christchurch and Invercargill, though most cats slept on the journey to Dunedin.

She said there were competitions for long-haired and short-haired pedigree cats, domestic cats and companion cats, though cats make no such distinctions.

In the end, somebody won.

It was the cats.


Shorthair pedigree: Ch Wildtreasure Million Heir (Bengal), Christine Johnson.
Longhair pedigree: AngelsNOutlaws Dancin In The Dark (Norwegian Forest Cat), Sharon Worthington and Becky Hendriks.
Domestic: Alpine (black smoke and white shorthair), Fiona Lucas.
Supreme companion: Gold Double Grand Premier CC H R Puffinsnuf, Amber and Deirdre Philpott.



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