New jail term imposed in wake of threat

A man will spend six months in jail after sending a Christchurch murder accused graphic death threats, complete with pictures, detailing how he would kill him.

Ritchie Pigili Aspinall (22) was serving a 28-month sentence at the Otago Corrections Facility when he mailed three two-page letters to Christchurch Men's Prison.

The intended recipient of the notes was Sainey Marong - a 33-year-old butcher from Ilam accused of the murder of 22-year-old Christchurch sex worker Renee Duckmanton. Her body was found in a scrub fire in Rakaia on May 15.

Marong is scheduled to stand trial in February next year.

At Marong's previous appearances before the High Court, supporters of the victim have shouted abuse from the public gallery.

But Aspinall took his animosity a step further on July 25 when he sent the written death threats.

''The letters describe in graphic detail how the defendant wishes to kill the victim,'' a police summary said.

''The defendant also drew pictures of how he would kill the victim.''

Aspinall also threatened to send severed body parts to the man's family.

''You can't run anywhere,'' Aspinall wrote.

According to a summary of facts, he told police he wanted to scare the victim and hoped his behaviour would result in him being moved to Christchurch Men's Prison.

Counsel Meg Scally said her client was serving his current prison term for ''a lot of dishonesty offending'' and some cannabis convictions.

Aspinall's last violence offence was in 2012, the Dunedin District Court heard last week.

Judge John Macdonald queried whether Marong had been informed of the detailed threats against him.

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris George said there was nothing on file to indicate that was the case.

''If someone threatened to kill me, I think I'd want to know,'' the judge said.

Aspinall's prison term will be added to his current sentence.

He will next go before the Parole Board in March next year.