Occupy protesters offered other site

Protesters in the Octagon have been offered an alternative site at the Market Reserve in Dunedin, a move Mayor Dave Cull said was designed to return the Octagon to all city residents.

Mr Cull last night said council chief executive Paul Orders had organised a staff member to pass on the message to the group yesterday afternoon.

The protesters had been invited to the council today to speak to Mr Orders, and give their response.

Up to 100 Occupy Dunedin protesters have camped out in the Octagon this week, in a local reproduction of a global protest against corporate greed, social inequality, free-market economics and environmental issues.

Mr Cull said the relocation offer was made on the grounds the rest of Dunedin could not be excluded from using the Octagon for an indefinite time.

The market reserve was the site of a workers' memorial, which was appropriate.

"I don't know what the reaction will be.

"We did not ask for an immediate response."

Mr Cull reiterated the council's concern in the matter was the parks and reserves of the city, not the issues raised by the protesters.

Group member Kieren Trass last night said the group would discuss the issue today.




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