Open day celebrates wharf extension

Sophie Jonathan (9) leaps over a puddle on the new Port Otago Multipurpose Wharf extension during an open day yesterday.

She was among about 3000 people who attended the event to celebrate the official opening of the wharf extension.

Port Otago chief executive Kevin Winders said about 7000 invitations were sent to staff and their families, and residents in the Port Otago area from Roseneath to Aramoana.

"It was to thank them for putting up with us while we built the multipurpose wharf extension.''

Those attending had an opportunity to tour the container ship Rio Negro, a Port Otago tug boat, dredge and crane, as well as do some fishing off the end of the new wharf. 


"It was to thank them for putting up with us while we built the multipurpose wharf extension".
What are they going to do to thank us for putting up with the extra noise generated by the new class of container ships they are allowing into the Port. The constant thumping day and night from theses ships are ruining peoples lives, robbing them of sleep, forcing them to consinder relocating home and family. The noise from the pile driving was nothing compared to this invasive constant, deep vibrating thump, thump, thump day and night like a racing heart . It's really not easy to fall alseep when it sounds like ones heart is racing at 120 beats a minute and you are about to have a heart attack!
Maybe the Port can thank us by paying for sound proofing, double glazing or maybe relocation costs or of course they could stop selling themselves off for money at the cost of our local environment.