Otago voice in UN climate conference

Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson
University of Otago MSc student Jacob Anderson is ''excited'' to have been selected as one of four youth climate change ambassadors to attend a United Nations conference in Warsaw later this year.

Mr Anderson (23), a climate change researcher in the university geology department, has spent two summers undertaking research in the Antarctic.

The Antarctic played a ''fundamental'' role as an ''engine room'' for world ocean systems, and Otago University was deeply involved in Antarctic research in a host of fields, including climate change, he said.

Mr Anderson was selected as a youth ambassador for the New Zealand Youth Delegation, a UN-accredited organisation which, since 2009, has sent young people to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change annual Conference of the Parties.

He was pleased to be providing some Dunedin input into the delegation, given that the other three youth ambassadors this year hailed from Wellington.

He had already raised $500 towards the costs of his travel to Warsaw, the Polish capital, and was optimistic he would raise the further $4000 needed to fund his trip, although hard work would be needed.

Mr Anderson said New Zealand's approach on reducing greenhouse gas emissions was ''slightly more ambitious'' than Australia's, but remained significantly weaker than the European Union's stance.

The delegation would offer ''youthful positivity'' and wanted to see New Zealand act far more ambitiously at this year's climate change negotiations at Warsaw.

He was looking forward to engaging with Climate Change Minister Tim Groser during the UN conference.

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