Out with the old, in with the new

Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

Downer contract manager Stephen Vorgers (left) and Dunedin City Council capital delivery team leader William Clifford with a 1936 water main dug up from beneath Queens Gardens, and a new stormwater drain soon to be installed in the area.

Contractors laying new pipelines in the Queens Gardens area have come up against a ''spaghetti junction'' of underground pipes, as work moves south along Crawford St.

The Dunedin City Council project costing almost $1 million will replace stormwater and wastewater pipes more than 100 years old.

Mr Clifford said despite ground-penetrating radar being used, contractors were surprised by the mass of pipes for all sorts of services they found.

Work on the ''spaghetti junction'' at the intersection of Rattray St and Queens Gardens was being done this week.

The project, which is expected to deal with flooding issues in the area, is about half completed.

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