Plunket decides to sell now-closed rooms in Mornington

The Mornington Plunket Rooms in Mailer St, Dunedin, are to be closed and sold. Photo: Gerard O'Brien
The Mornington Plunket Rooms in Mailer St, Dunedin, are to be closed and sold. Photo: Gerard O'Brien
Mornington's ageing Plunket building has officially been closed and is to be sold, after serving the community for more than 60 years.

Plunket commercial advice head Hamish Clentworth said the Mailer St building was built for Plunket in 1955.

The organisation decided to remove its remaining operations from the site in August this year, because it no longer met health and safety standards.

''The Mornington Plunket property is aged and in need of significant maintenance, which Plunket is not in a position to undertake.''

Families could now access Plunket nursing and community services from the South Dunedin Plunket Centre, in Macandrew Rd, he said.

''Plunket remains fully committed to families in the Mornington community and the decision will ensure we continue to deliver quality Plunket nursing services in a more comfortable and safe environment.''

Mr Clentworth said the move would have no impact on staffing.

Funds from the sale of the Mornington property would be used to support Plunket's community services and its ''efforts to make the difference of a lifetime in the first 1000 days of a child's life''.

The garden outside the Mornington Plunket Rooms contains a plaque recognising the late Stewart Rewcastle, who gave more than 40 years of active service to Mornington Plunket.

Mr Clentworth said the memorial plaque would be retained as part of Plunket's history.

''It may be passed on to family members in the future, or given to the University of Otago's Hocken Library, which already holds a significant collection of Plunket memorabilia.''


Will the funds from the sale be supporting Dunedin or will they go to the national fund to be spent elsewhere? The article (and likely Plunket) doesn't make this clear.