A polar journey’s southern origins

From snowy mountains to a picturesque fishing wharf, there’s a scenic smorgasbord of the South in this year’s Christmas advertisement by United Kingdom retail giant Boots.

The ad has been billed as great exposure for Dunedin particularly, as recognisable shots of the Railway Station and Careys Bay feature.

The ad follows the journey of a young girl who wants to give Santa a present.

Plenty of southern locations stand in for places along the way to the North Pole.

Kind strangers help the girl and her mother on their travels, and in return for their generosity, the girl gives them a gift to show their appreciation.

The ad was filmed earlier this year at locations including Cardrona’s Snow Farm, Glenorchy, Arrowtown and Dunedin.

Showcasing tourist favourites such as Careys Bay and the Dunedin Railway Station, some of the shots are blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, while others linger a little longer.

Enterprise Dunedin manager John Christie said the ad was great exposure for Dunedin.

"We have assisted with many TV commercials in recent years and to have a well-known brand such as Boots choosing Dunedin endorses our reputation as a film friendly destination."

Christmas ads are a British institution as major retailers such as John Lewis and Marks & Spencer fight for shoppers’ attention.