Police ask motorists to stay home

Ice is making driving treacherous in Otago and Southland and police are again asking motorists to stay off the road.

Police said in a press release there was a significant amount of black ice in several parts of the district, including Central Otago, Southland and Waitaki.

There had been several crashes this afternoon where cars had slid off the road and rolled, but "fortunately" none had resulted in serious injury.

Motorists should stay off the roads tonight if they could possibly do so.

Police in the Southern District are urging drivers to stay off the roads tonight if they can possibly do so.

If travel was "absolutely necessary" , people were asked to be mindful of the treacherous conditions.

"Take your time, be patient with other drivers, and keep to an appropriate speed for the conditions."

The warning comes after ice has caused dozens of crashes across Otago and Southland over the weekend and police warned motorists to stay off the road on Saturday morning.

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