Police crack case of accused suitcase shoplifter

A Dunedin woman who allegedly filled a suitcase with stolen items from various supermarkets was apprehended by police yesterday.  

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said police were called to New World in Mosgiel after a woman was caught shoplifting at the premises.

The 24-year-old woman took a wheely suitcase into the store and filled it up with $302.45 worth of meat, hair dye and Panadol.

She left the store with her suitcase filled with goods and did not attempt to pay.

Police were called and officers arrested the woman.

She was charged with the theft for the New World incident, as well as a historic theft from Fresh Choice in Highgate, Roslyn where she carried out the same style of shoplifting.

On April 16, the woman allegedly stole a mixed trolley of grocery goods from the Fresh Choice using the same suitcase.

After filling her suitcase, the woman went to the counter to pay for three litres of milk before exiting the store without paying for the goods in the suitcase.

She will appear in court on charges relating to both incidents at a later date.