Polytech Efts continue to rise

Otago Polytechnic believes student numbers will continue to climb for the fourth year.

The polytechnic has budgeted for 4561 equivalent full-time students (Efts) this year, almost 7% up from last year's final tally of 4269 Efts.

Otago Polytechnic communications director Mike Waddell said the numbers were pleasing and reinforced the strength of the institution.

''We are delighted with where we are but we are aware that the market can change and some areas could be soft, but given the environment we are working in we are delighted,'' he said.

At present, 3556 Efts were enrolled with the polytechnic, which compared favourably with 3259 Efts at the end of February last year.

Many departments within the polytech had reached or exceeded their budgeted Efts already, he said.

The Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning, the Institute of Sport and Adventure and nursing had all shown strong growth.

''At this point in time we are tracking well ... so we are pretty pleased,'' he said.

''But there's still a lot of time to go and a lot of things can change.''

The second semester intake would dictate the year's final performance, Mr Waddell said.

''Providing that goes well, and we have no reason to suspect it won't, we believe we are on target to make that budget [of 4561 Efts],'' he said.

The ongoing period of student number growth at the polytechnic comes as numbers are dropping at the University of Otago.

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