Radio host broadcasts live after eight years on air

Connor McMillan has found his happy place.

After eight years of doing pre-recorded shows at Dunedin community access radio station Oar FM, this year he went live, and on Wednesday he was thrilled to deliver his first hour-long live set.

Mr McMillan first got into radio when he started a radio show and podcast called Connor’s Hits while he was a pupil at Taieri College.

That was broadcast on Oar FM and with support from the Dunedin Community Care Trust he has continued disc-jockeying at the station, gradually building up his broadcasting skills.

Mr McMillan said he enjoyed sharing music with people and loved mixing songs together.

Otago Access Radio host Connor McMillan is turning up the volume on his live radio show. PHOTO:...
Otago Access Radio host Connor McMillan is turning up the volume on his live radio show. PHOTO: STEPHEN JAQUIERY
His favourite band was Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody regularly featured in his shows, which usually included about 14 songs and him talking about the artists behind the tracks.

Oar FM station manager Lesley Paris said Mr McMillan had the biggest smile on his face when he came in to do his first hour-long set for his show on Wednesday.

"He was in here setting up and was so organised — more organised than many of our other broadcasters," she said.

Operations director Domi Angelo-Laloli said the station tried to make producing a show as flexible and adaptable for everyone as possible.

"It’s part of our main mission to have opportunities for everyone to come in no matter their skill level, no matter what experience they have had in life."

He said Mr McMillan had picked up the live training really fast and did most of the work on his own.

Mr McMillan’s mother Lesley said doing radio had been amazing for her son, who has Down syndrome, socially and gave him purpose.

Mr McMillan is live on Oar FM at 11am fortnightly on Wednesdays.