Repaired McDonald Rd open

Part of McDonald Rd, one of the main roads to Woodside, near Outram, reopened yesterday after being closed for about five days when a sizeable cavity was found, threatening the stability of the road.

The block between Huntly Rd and Mann Rd, comprising a 1.1km-long section of road, had been closed between 11.20am last Wednesday and 1pm yesterday.

Dunedin City Council senior contract supervisor Bruce Wood said he and a contractor representative had inspected roads in the area after an intense downpour, and noticed an unusual accumulation of water beside the road.

This was in an area which channelled water from Mount Maungatua.

After further checking, and removal of the excess water, it was found water had scoured a sizeable cavity at the shoulder of the road, posing potential dangers to traffic, given this was a route used by milk tankers.

The road was closed, part of it dug up, a damaged concrete culvert removed and replaced with a larger-sized and durable polyvinyl chloride pipe and the road refilled, Mr Wood said.


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