Sinterklaas comes to town

Photo by Linda Robertson.
Photo by Linda Robertson.

Sinterklaas and helper Black Pete are farewelled by the Dutch community after a celebration in Dunedin last night. About 25 children of recent Dutch immigrants were given presents by Sinterklaas at the Northeast Valley Baptist Church Hall.

Roman Meijerink (3) showed Sinterklaas he had been a delightful boy by including some Dutch dialect, including lekker (yummy) and ''Welterustn'' (''Sleep well'').

Organiser Mark Lokman said he invited Sinterklaas to the South because he was last seen in Dunedin at the Otago Settlers Museum five years ago.

Dutch families traditionally celebrated St Nicholas' Eve today, by exchanging presents and poems written about family members.

The gift exchange is followed by singing and eating gingery sweets.

Dunedin resident Regis Lamberts, who said he emigrated from the Netherlands about two years ago, enjoyed the Sinterklaas celebration.

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