St Clair School development continues

St Clair School principal Richard Newton in front of the foundations of the school's new four...
St Clair School principal Richard Newton in front of the foundations of the school's new four-classroom block. Photo by Peter McIntosh.

St Clair School is nearing the end of its $1.8 million five-year redevelopment programme, with the start of stage two.

Principal Richard Newton said stage two was an $820,000 project consisting of four replacement classrooms and the redevelopment of two toilet blocks.

He said the project would increase the amount of space available for collaborative pupil learning through the extension of stage one, the school's extensive learning atrium, which was completed in 2010.

''The project [stage two] is the final stage in the school's five-year redevelopment programme, which aims to redevelop the school's traditional design into an up-to-date and modern learning environment.''

Planning for stage 2 took more than 12 months and Mr Newton was delighted construction was now under way.

It is expected to be completed by the end of June this year.

''It's wonderful. It's a long-term asset for the community and a terrific environment for teachers and children to be working in and learning in, besides all the possibility for innovative curriculum work.

''It lends itself to a high level of collaboration between children, and innovative approaches by teachers too, to the way they use space.''

The project was designed by Philip Gilchrist Architect Ltd, and Mr Newton said funding was provided by a combination of Ministry of Education five-year funding and school funds.

Stage one was a $960,000 multi-use teaching and recreational facility which was completed in October 2010.

It is a large learning atrium - named Manawanui (the big heart) - which links the administration block and main teaching wing, and is central to a fully functioning school environment.

It will connect all of the school's classroom blocks and provide a teaching and planning withdrawal space.

In effect, it created the ability to come from classrooms, into the area to work together, he said.

''We're delighted that stage two is under way and we're really looking forward to making use of it when it's complete.''

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