Staged Ocean Dr work rejected

A plan to stage redevelopment of the long-running and controversial John Wilson Ocean Dr project over three years was lost at this weeks' Dunedin City Council council draft annual plan meeting, despite a last-minute push by deputy mayor Chris Staynes.

The stretch of scenic seaside road beside St Kilda beach will go to the city's residents for public consultation with its full, almost $500,000, price tag planned to fall within the next financial year.

Mr Staynes told the meeting completing the project in two halves, the first in the 2011-12 year and the second in the 2013-14 year, would help the council manage its borrowing.

A decision councillors hoped would resolve the long-running saga over the road was made last week, when the council voted to spend $487,519 to develop the road into a shared space for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and others, install a mechanical arm to control vehicle access to the road, as well as other additional improvements.

The idea of staging the work did not gain majority support from councillors, who were concerned about the already extended time the issue had taken to be resolved, and the original option will go for public consultation, and hearings from May 4.


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