Story on schools in financial difficulty was incorrect

A report published in the Otago Daily Times this morning incorrectly identified eight southern schools as being in serious financial difficulties in 2018.

Blue Mountain College, Clinton School, King’s High School, Lawrence Area School, Maniototo Area School, Tokomairiro High School, Hillside Primary School and Myross Bush School were not in serious financial difficulty in 2018.

The confusion arose from the way part of a report on the matter from the Office of the Auditor General was presented.

The report referred to a list of schools in its section on schools in serious financial difficulty in 2018, but not all of the schools on the list had financial issues.

The five southern schools that were found by the Office of the Auditor General to have financial difficulties in 2018 were: Bathgate Park School, Green Island School, Halfway Bush School, Pine Hill School, and Waitaki Boys High School.

King’s High School board of trustees chairman Richard Wingham said the school was included in the Auditor-General report due to a "minor technical breach" relating to payments made by the school to support the fundraising activities of the King's High School Charitable Trust.

"Any statement asserting that King's High School is in serious financial difficulty is incorrect. We note the sole purpose of the King's High School Charitable Trust is to support the activities of the school."


The high and mighty Kings on the defensive again.
Still, using taxpayer funds to channel into your private organisation is terrible.
If you agree it was wrong, A: why do it? B: PAY IT back!